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I posted a socialmoth quote thing..
and it said 'I hate Jessica Fremont'

I was being all down on myself,
and I don't know why I posted it..
but I did.

And then it got all of these replies..
and everyone was like OMG HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT blah blah blah..
and.. I feel really bad for starting shit like that..
I REALLY didn't mean for it to be a cry for attention..
and I really didn't think anyone would even look at it twice..

I don't know..
I just posted it without thinking.
But I can't really keep secrets,
so I said that it was me.
And I'm just afraid now that everyone who was backing me up,
will hate me.


Like this person
'that honestly just made me lose any respect i may have had for you. you must be completely delusional if you thought it wouldn't get any response. what are all those people who were defending you supposed to say to you now?'

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